Alternatives to Declawing Your Cat

Don't declaw your cats

We know that every cat has a normal behavior of scratching and they usually scratch not for destroying your favorite wooden furniture or carpet, rather scratches for different reasons. While stretching their muscles or marking any region or sometimes when they try to remove their claw’s dead husks the cats do the unwanted scratching. Usually, the cats start their scratching from 8 weeks old. Declawing cats is a very controversial process through which the cat’s nails are being removed by a simple surgery. Many countries banned this process as they think, it is an animal cruelty because through this process the last bone of each toe is amputated. According to scientists the declawing process is unnecessary and it doesn’t give any medical benefits to the cats rather after the surgery when the cats try to restart her normal activities, she may experience so much pain.

So it is not only advised to stop declawing but also American Veterinary Medical Association in short AVMA very recently changed their policy on destructive declawing cats. Instead of doing destructive declawing cats there are some kind alternatives of declawing process.

#1 : Cat trees & Scratchers :

This is the best alternative of declawing cats. Scratching is a very natural habit for all the cats, even after declawing process cats always try to go through the scratching motion as it is their natural behavior. It is almost impossible to change their habit of scratching, instead if you provide a suitable place for them to scratch then that would be an excellent alternative for declawing process. All you have to do is arranging a proper litter box or a catbox for your cat and train them in such a way that they always scratch on the cat scratchers. This training will teach them where to scratch and where not. It absolutely depends on you whether you bought the cat scratchers from a store or use a home-made cat scratcher made of wood, sisal rope, and carpet. The cat scratchers are also not expensive ones. But the main thing you have to look after while purchasing or making a cat scratcher is that it should be quite tall enough. If your cat scratcher is not tall enough then your cat can’t stretch on it and scratch.

#2 : Nail covers :

As the name depicts nail covers are nothing but small caps made from latex and these nail covers are being fixed on the top portion of the cat’s claw. These nail covers usually unsharpened the claws such a way that they can’t do much damage. The cat’s nails grow out, so the nail covers and after lasting for 30 days those nail covers finally break off. You can choose a variety of colors for your cat’s nail cover. It is advised to trim your cat’s claws first and then after taking an appointment with your pet’s vet you can use those nail covers.

#3 : Trimmed the nails :

If you trim your cat’s claws quite often then it will definitely reduce the effect of damage due to scratching. You can do the trim by your own and it doesn’t need much, only the tip. You can also take the help of your cat’s vet for the trimming process.

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