Persian Cats From A to Z

When you are owned by a Persian, grooming is not optional – it should form part of your daily routine. Persians’ eyes should be wiped with a lukewarm facecloth once a day as their large eyes can attract a lot of dust and other irritants, which causes the eyes to run.

Contrary to popular belief, Persians should not be brushed. Another myth is that Persians should be combed or brushed on a daily basis.

Brushing breaks the hair and also removes the undercoat. If your cat is bathed regularly and the coat is clean, grease free and healthy, minimal combing will be required. The comb should be a steel wide tooth comb only.


Bathing your Persian is however a necessity. A Persian should be bathed at least twice a month (coupled with combing, as described above, every second or third day). Preferably a Persian should be bathed once a week. Knots, tangles or mats are not only unsightly; they are also very uncomfortable for the cat, tug at their skin and they are painful to remove.The moral of the story – clean hair doesn’t knot, tangle or mat, so bath more and comb less to keep your Persian’s luxurious coat in perfect condition.


Persians are not “streetwise”; they do not have “9-lives”! Cars, dogs, and so forth are very real dangers to them and they will not be able to escape these dangers as effortlessly as other cats.

Persian babies are also very curious and will wander and investigate, just like any other kitten, but they are very trusting and will gladly be picked up by a stranger. The scary fact is that Persians are frequently stolen.


If you are looking for highly active cat that will entertain you with their antics and high-speed chases … the Persian is NOT the breed for you.

Persians are more the “love me”, “feed me”, “never leave me” kind of cats…like Garfield if you will.

This is one cat that is unlikely to climb up your curtains, jump on your kitchen counters, or perch on top of your refrigerator. Persians are far too dignified for such behaviour and they will happily rule their kingdom from a grounded position or from the best seat in the house.


Persians have a sweet, gentle nature and have a laidback approach to life. They are creatures of habit and they prefer a calm, serene environment – noisy environments are not a Persian’s style. They are a very affectionate breed and enjoy attention.

Persians are quiet cats, very easy going, and they get along well with other pets and family members.They eagerly play with toys or a teaser; but they are equally happy to drape themselves decoratively over ones lap or in a favourite spot.

Don’t be fooled by their good looks – they are not just “pretty faces”. Persians are extremely intelligent which also helps them adapt to performing well in show rings.

Buyer Advice

Never buy a kitten over the phone or internet. You need to see the baby and make sure that he/she is strong and healthy.

Demand to see the baby’s mom and dad. It is your right to see if the parents are healthy and in a good condition.

It is also your right to ask if the parents have been tested for FIV, FeVL and PKD.

Demand the baby’s original pedigree, if you are buying a registered kitten (which all Persians should be) there is no reason for the breeder to hold back the pedigree.

Ask for grooming lessons. If you don’t know how to properly groom your new baby, that beautiful ball of fluff will soon be a miserable matted little being.

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